Welcome to CaptainMath.net!

This website serves as a hub for information that I wish to provide to those with whom I connect in the different worlds I live in.

Since 1986, I've been a teacher of Mathematics in Pennsylvania public schools: the first five years I taught in the Oswayo Valley School District in Potter County, PA, and since 1991 I've taught in my current home in the Delaware Valley School District in Milford, PA. Currently, I teach Geometry and Statistics courses.

I've taught Honors Geometry as long as I've been a teacher, and in recent years we've offered a terrific program at DVHS that allows students to deepen their understanding of Geometry and Biology as we team-teach these two subjects in an innovative program linking the two disciplines. Along with my co-teacher in Biology, we work very hard to keep our content current through continued study and involvement in an ongoing program funded by the National Science Foundation.

More recently, I've added AP Statistics to my set of courses taught, and I love it! The subject allows me to further show students how we really all use Math every day, and prepares them for the widest range of courses of study in college that any Mathematics course could cover. I've also served as a Reader for the AP Statistics test, and the experiences I've had and the friends that I've made through that work has been one of the more rewarding ventures I've enjoyed in my career.

I've coached our school's Scholastic Bowl team for many years and I run the school's Geocaching Club; this site includes pages for these activities. In the meantime, I've got a section on what has probably been my most favorite hobby I've enjoyed in my life, geocaching, which allows me to combine my love of adventure and travel and the outdoors with my excitement for problem-solving and technology.

Thanks for visiting. "We all use Math every day!"

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